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PSO is one of the rare DreamCast's game (maybe the only one), where you can save screenshots directly with the console ! To do so there's nothing difficult, you just need a second paddle connected in slot 4 and a second VMU connected in slot 2 of the second paddle. The VMU must be totaly empty, the file PSO_____IMG that will be created is 195 blocks big !! Then during the game, do this tricks on the second paddle:

bouton x + start = center screen
bouton a + start = large screen

You should see a black screen with a countdown in the top left corner, if so it means the screenshot has been saved to your VMU successfully. The file is not yet in a readable format, the picture needs to be developed, to do so go with your DreamCast and the web browser DreamKey3.0 to this adress and follow the guide, this tool was specially made for the DreamCast, select the file PSO_____IMG from your VMU, and let's rock baby !

-It is better to use an official VMU to save your screenshots, some of unofficial or low quality VMU, like the VMU provided with CDX cheat device might not stand the size of PSO_____IMG file and to corrupt it.
-You can use other DreamCast's web browser like the DreamPassport (jap), the PlanetWeb (us) or lower version of DreamKey with the extract tool.
You can do that with youre PC too !
With a .DCI or .VMS file.

Thank's to speud from for the screenshots extractor ^_^) Good shot !

Kolibry Le Zoizeau.

screenshot de kolibry

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